Tyler Everitt

President / CEO

Tyler spent 10 years working in radio station Engineering departments before arriving at Pippin Technical in 2003 as a sales person. Armed with the knowledge that 10 years on the job brought, Tyler found success in speaking the language of the broadcast engineer and helped with equipment selection and project preparation, from small stations to large, in both studio and RF projects. Acquiring great brands like Axia and building on existing relationships like Ranco, our millwork partner, Tyler has been involved with a great many studio construction and reconstruction projects. In July 2018, Tyler moved to the President/CEO role as his part of the purchase of Pippin Technical Service Ltd.

Christine Scanlon

Vice President / CFO

Christine emigrated from Ireland in 2012 and joined us at Pippin Technical as Financial Controller. Christine studied with The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Prior to moving to Canada, Christine worked in Ireland as a self-employed consultant providing accounting and income tax services to clients from a wide range of sectors. In July 2018, Christine, along with Tyler Everitt took over ownership of the company.

Gord Irvine

RF Project Manager

Gord, an Electronics Technologist, is an employee of Pippin Technical since 1987 who is involved with almost every RF project that comes out of Pippin Technical. Gord is considered one of the top RF installers available and his ability to assemble complex RF systems quickly is of great value to our clients.

Dave Ellis

Operations Manager

Prior to being at Pippin Technical Services, Dave worked for 16 years as a Radio Broadcast Engineer in Saskatchewan and Ontario serving in both technical and managerial roles. Dave has been with Pippin Technical Services since 1998 providing technical support in all areas of Radio and Telecommunication, specializing in Radio Studio, Radio RF, Wireless Ethernet Communication, and Project Management.

Dean Gallagher


Terry Collison

Senior Audio Technician

Terry has 25 years of experience in industrial sound with sales, service and installation. Terry has extensive experience with computer DSP and audioflow. Terry has been with Pippin Technical Services since 2006, of which 8 years include manager of the Industrial Audio Division and 4 years as a Site Supervisor and Installation Specialist of Radio Station Studios and Axia Audio IP Systems.

Todd Beswitherick

Wireless Technician

Mike Delayen

Logistics & First Line Service

Lorrie Hanna



Programmer & IT

No one knows what AC does. He just sits in the dark and eats hotdogs.