Omnia 9/9SG v.3.20.04 Firmware Update

Omnia 9/9SG v.3.20.04 Firmware Update

The Telos Alliance and Omnia Audio are happy to announce that a new release of software for both the Omnia.9 and Omnia.9sg are now available for download on their respective product pages. (Omnia 9 / Omnia 9SG) They contain a number of improvements to functionality and exciting new features that your customers will love, so please spread the word!

**Please note that though the software releases for 9 and 9sg have the same version number, they are not the same update file and are not interchangeable.**

Omnia.9 v3.20.04 Highlights

  • Major final clipper improvements. A complete rework of the final clipper stages delivers cleaner, clearer, with a brighter, more sustained bass signature. 
  • Improved optional µMPX functionality for better compatibility with the Omnia MPX Node (now shipping!). Broadcasters are now using the Omnia.9 as their µMPX encoder and sending fully peak-controlled MPX signals directly to their MPX Nodes over IP—a complete STL solution!
  • Optional Kantar-Certified Watermarking Support for regions that use Kantar technology for their ratings service. 

Omnia.9sg v3.20.04 Highlights

  • Newly improved final clipper for cleaner bass.  (A “lite” version of the major clipper improvements in the Omnia.9 as outlined above.).
  • A new built-in stream receiver allows for a web stream to serve as an additional (backup) audio source, providing  greater capability and power. 
  • Improved support for UECP features provides enhanced functionality for use with third-party RDS equipment.

Here are the direct links to the download pages for your convenience.

Omnia 9

Omnia 9sg

If you are not a current Omnia 9/9sg user, and want to learn more. Talk to our Pippin Technical Solutions Team today!

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