Yamaha MIPA & Steinberg

Yamaha MIPA & Steinberg

Pippin Technical Service is pleased to announce that we are now an official Yamaha Canada Music: MIPA (Musical Instruments and Professional Audio) & Steinberg Hardware/ Software Dealer. 

That’s quite a lot of letters and words to say one thing.  We now officially sell Yamaha and Steinberg.  In a roundabout way, we always HAVE when requested…this formalizes the relationship and results in a more direct relationship and cost savings to the end user.  It also solidifies Yamaha’s official House of Worship discount for our live sound clients in that category.   

Yamaha and Steinberg both bring a number of solutions to the table for our commercial sound and installation customers, podcast, live sound, and even broadcast clientele.  But as we all know, Pippin Technical Service is not JUST a dealer. 

With our years of technical know-how in broadcast (and a few road dog musicians on staff) we are now also a Yamaha Authorized Service Provider.  As we’ve always said…even if we didn’t sell it, if it can be fixed, we can fix it.

For details, pricing, or repairs – contact our Solutions Team today.  

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