Recommended firmware upgrades for Inovonics models 635 and 638

Recommended firmware upgrades for Inovonics models 635 and 638

Inovonics is pleased to announce a new firmware update for its popular remote monitoring receivers for FM & HD Radio – INOmini SiteStreamers, models 635 & 638.  This latest firmware update adds RDS Radio Text Alarm features and modifies LED Header displays to the Web Interface. 

Inovonics recommends that users download and install the new firmware updates at their earliest convenience. It is recommended to Download the Hardware Profile before updating. 

The new firmware can be downloaded by finding each relevant product page at www.inovonicsbroadcast.com.  Alternatively, the zipped firmware files can be found in the product pages under Downloads.  Here are direct links for your convenience:

Downloads: https://www.inovonicsbroadcast.com/support/downloads

INOmini 635 FM SiteStreamer (Rev https://www.inovonicsbroadcast.com/product/635#downloads

INOmini 638 HD Radio SiteStreamer (Rev https://www.inovonicsbroadcast.com/product/638#downloads
Firmware Update Instructions can be found in this Document:https://www.inovonicsbroadcast.com/uploads/2021/08/25/635-638-firmware-update-process.pdf .

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