(how pro do you wanna go?)

It’s a new world.  A virtual one with limitless opportunity and possibility.  We’ll be the first to admit the bulk of the eSports industry purchasing and production has taken place in the consumer goods market.  With that plainly stated, when it comes to taking that next step in quality and content delivery, we stand ready to assist.  Headsets, millwork, capture cards, video transport, audio over IP, IFB systems for production, broadcast quality wireless camera links, acoustic paneling, closed and open captioning, the list goes on and on.  The vendors and skillsets we’ve established over 40 years of outfitting and integrating commercial and non-profit broadcasters are fully transferable to assisting eSport organizations blaze their path forward.  Whether you need gear, or somebody to bounce a few ideas and dreams across for viability and a scope of the logistics – drop us a line.