We installed the very first AoIP on-air studio in Canada.  Let’s do the NEXT one together. 



From sketching out the initial concept, to cable runs and installing the final grommet in the custom millwork – at Pippin Technical Service we can supply, assist or completely handle your studio refresh from start to finish.  

Just need the latest pricing?  That’s great.  Want to bounce a few concepts and ideas around?  Even better.  We do our very best to keep abreast on best practices and considerations to take into account.  From selecting microphones and ingesting content, all the way to your STL path.

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An early entrant to the computerized playout market in the 80’s, ENCO Systems has nearly 40 years of reliable, rock-solid operation in 24/7 broadcast operations around the globe. 
With robust integration that includes an open API and their own powerful DAD Command Language (DCL), the distributed architecture DAD has incorporated for decades is just NOW what many other vendors in the playout space are beginning to adopt as the best practice for stability and system design moving forward.  With best of class support, and a continually evolving feature set (ie: remote App control, convenient playout decks for HD or alternate feeds, WebDAD remote VT and control), you can be confident in a system that’s built for broadcast, and built for whatever  is coming next.