Why can’t we all just get along?

Now we can! As the exclusive Canadian dealer for Axia Audio, PTS (Pippin Technical Service) has a long history of partnership with The Telos Alliance. We have taken that integration to the next level with the development and release of our “Preconfigured for VX” series of Asterisk PBX Servers. We’ve been building these systems for our clientele on a bespoke basis since 2014. As Canada’s leader in broadcast systems design and integration since 1980, our track record speaks for itself and we always stand behind and service what we sell. We really are just a phone call away.

Available in a 2U or 4U Server chassis that resides in your station rack room, the PTS* Gateway accepts input lines from your local Telco (simply tell us if you require POTS, PRI or SIP) and outputs a Telos VX friendly SIP stream that’s ready for broadcast. Expandable to manage almost any number of input lines (we’ve built systems handling up to 48 lines so far…) with our PBX Server and Telos VX working in unison you have the ability to manage both your studio broadcast lines as well as your front-office switchboard and voicemail utilizing the same system! Reception need to call the booth to let them know that artist has arrived? Dial the local. Potential client called the request line by mistake? Transfer the call right to the GSM. It’s that easy!